The Number of Homes for Sale Is Increasing

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There is no denying that the last few years have been difficult for anyone looking to buy a home because there haven't been enough houses available. But things are beginning to look up.

This year, there are more available homes. The graph below uses the most recent data from to show that in April 2024, there were more homes for sale than in the previous few years (2021-2023):

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There were 30.4% more homes actively for sale on a typical day in April compared with the same time in 2023, marking the sixth consecutive month of annual inventory growth.”

But does the increased inventory make house hunting easier? Yes and No.

Using the most recent weekly data from Calculated Risk, the graph below shows that, despite recent growth, there are still significantly fewer homes for sale than in the previous normal year in the housing market:

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What does this mean for you?

If you've been looking to buy but have put your plans on hold because you couldn't find what you were looking for, you may have more options now than you did in previous years, but don't expect a large selection.

To explore your growing options, consult with a reputable local real estate agent. Real estate is all about location. In addition, an agent can provide you with information about the homes for sale in the area of your choice. Bankrate explains:

“In today’s homebuying market, it’s more important than ever to find a real estate agent who really knows your local area — down to your specific neighborhood — and can help you successfully navigate its unique quirks.”

Bottom line.

Let's collaborate so you have someone who can keep you informed about everything that may affect your move, such as how many homes are currently for sale.

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