Real Estate Still Holds the Title of Best Long-Term Investment

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You might be wondering if it makes more sense to rent instead than purchasing a house right now, given all the news coverage of mortgage rates and home prices. Here are some facts that may soothe your worry by demonstrating the continued strength of the home-buying decision.

The greatest long-term investment has been in real estate for an astounding 12 years running, according to the experts at Gallup. It has routinely outperformed other investment categories such as bonds, equities, and gold. Simply glance at the graph below; it says it all: 
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However, why is real estate still the best option for long-term investments? This is due to the fact that purchasing a property might still be your key to gradually accumulating money.

Real estate investing follows a more steady and positive trend than other types of investments, which can feel like riding a rollercoaster with all the ups and downs and constant risk considerations.

Home values have historically increased. Additionally, although prices may differ depending on the market, your home's value should increase with time. And that contributes significantly to your net worth growth. According to a article:

Homeownership has long been tied to building wealth—and for good reason. Instead of throwing rent money out the window each month, owning a home allows you to build home equity. And over time, equity can turn your mortgage debt into a sizeable asset.”

Therefore, keep in mind that real estate has been repeatedly ranked as the best long-term investment for a reason if you're unsure whether to buy or rent. And if you're ready and able, it can make sense to buy if you want to get in on that action.

In summary

Real estate development is the way to go if you want to create money that will last. Let's talk now if you're prepared to embark on your own path to become a homeowner. 

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