Most Consumers Agree that NOW is a good time to sell your home.

If you're a homeowner who is considering selling your home, you're probably trying to decide when it would be best to do so. That implies that in order to time it exactly right, you're probably juggling a number of variables, such as your shifting needs, where you'll go when you sell, and the current mortgage rates.
Recent data suggests the sweet spot might already be in place. According to Fannie Mae's most recent Home Purchase Sentiment Index (HPSI), 76% of customers think the current market is favorable for selling.

The percentage of poll participants who believe now is a good time to sell a house is depicted in the graph below. The significant decline in March and April of 2020 is a reflection of how consumer confidence declined at the start of the pandemic as concern over the health catastrophe increased. Since then, the percentage has steadily increased as more people believe now is a good time to sell their homes.

In fact, survey participants believe that now is a better time to sell a house than they did in 2019, a year with a healthy housing market. According to the most recent survey data, seller sentiment reached one of its highest peaks in almost three years (see graph below): 

A Majority of Consumers Say It’s a Good Time To Sell Your House | Simplifying The Market

Why Is Now a Good Day to Sell?

The fact that there are still more buyers than there are available properties in today's market is one of the reasons why so many people believe that now is a good time to sell. It's an excellent time to sell your home because of the rising home values.

And if you're debating whether or not to sell because you're uncertain of your next move, be aware that you might have more options right now than in prior months. That's because more houses have been going on the market each month since the year's beginning. You have more chances to find a home that satisfies your changing demands when more houses are put on the market.

To sum up

While there are more houses for sale, providing you more alternatives for your relocation, total inventory is still low. That can imply that now is a fantastic time for you to sell. Let's connect if you're prepared to address your evolving demands and benefit from the advantageous circumstances that exist right now.

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