It May Be Time To Consider a Newly Built Home

The current shortage of houses up for sale may make it difficult for you to purchase a property. Finding the ideal home for you can seem like a bit of an uphill fight when housing inventory is as low as it is right now because there isn't that much to pick from. It might be time to have a look at a freshly constructed home if you need to expand your range of choices.

The most recent data from the U.S. Census, there is good news on the building of new homes. The following can be seen when you examine the first three months of this year:

  • More new homes were completed and are ready to sell. This gives you more move-in-ready options for your search.
  • Builders broke ground and started construction on more single-family homes. This means there are more homes intended for one household in the beginning stages of construction, allowing you the opportunity to customize one to your liking.
  • The number of permits for building new single-family homes ticked up. This shows builders are ramping up to start on even more home construction soon.

While having more options for your house search is certainly excellent news, thinking about a freshly constructed home also has additional advantages.


When you purchase a newly built home, you can customize it to fit your particular requirements and preferences. Bankrate says:

Building means customizing. . . . instead of wishing your home had a certain kind of flooring, a sunroom or some other special amenity, you’ll be able to tailor the property to your exact needs.

Everything is brand new.

One advantage of a brand-new house is that it is empty. Everything is fresh new and exclusively yours from the beginning.

Little Repairs

Additionally, since everything is brand-new, you'll probably notice less immediate maintenance and repair needs. As explained on

“. . . if something does go wrong with your new home, not only are there likely some manufacturer warranties in place, but many builders also include additional home warranties . . .” 

Energy Savings

Last but not least, creating a home gives you the chance to include additional cost-effective energy-saving features -  It may seem particularly significant when the costs all around you are rising due to inflation.

To sum up

It could be time to think about buying a newly constructed home if you're having problems locating your ideal house on the current market. Let's connect so you have a professional on your side as you investigate the options in our neighborhood.

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