Is It Easier To Find a Home To Buy Now?

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One of the most significant challenges for buyers in recent years has been a scarcity of available homes. But that is beginning to change.

The graph below uses the most recent data from to show that there are more homes on the market in 2024 than in any of the previous several years (2021-2023):

a graph of a number of homes for sale

Does this mean it's easier to find a home?

The answer is yes and no. According to an article from,

“There were nearly 15% more homes for sale in February than a year earlier . . . That alone could jolt the housing market a bit if more “For Sale” signs continue to appear. However, the nation is still suffering from a housing shortage even with all of that new inventory.”

Context is important. On the one hand, inventory has increased over the last several years. That means you'll have more options to consider when looking for your next home.

However, the graph above shows that there are still significantly fewer homes for sale than in a pre-pandemic market. And the deficit is not going to be eliminated overnight.

What does this mean for you?

You might have a few more options now than in previous years, but don't expect a lot of them.

Team up with a trusted local real estate agent to help you navigate the ever-expanding list of options. They can be extremely helpful in understanding the inventory situation where you want to buy. This is due to the fact that real estate is primarily local. An experienced agent can share some smart strategies they've used to help other buyers in your area deal with the ongoing housing shortage.

Bottom line.

If you're thinking about buying a home, let's work together. That way, you'll be aware of everything that may affect your move, including the number of homes for sale right now.

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