4 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value With Waterproofing

Although water is a necessary resource, it can be a serious problem if it gets into the wrong places in your home. Fortunately, if you invest in the right waterproofing projects, you can protect your home and increase its value. It's important, then, that you know which projects are worthwhile investments and which are a waste of money. Consider investing in these projects:

Increase Livable Space With Basement Waterproofing

Countless homes have basements, but only a fraction of them actually utilize their basements effectively. In some cases, that's because the proper waterproofing processes have not been completed. If you want to increase the livable space in your home and in turn increase its value, it's a good idea to have your basement fully waterproofed so that you can install drywall and other interior finishes.

Create a Dramatic Bathroom With Waterproof Surfaces

A unique bathroom can add significant value to your home. If you want to create a bathroom that feels more like an escape, then you can add waterproof surfaces so that you can extend the shower out into the rest of the room. By having a no-wall shower, you will create a resort-like feel in your bathroom that's also easy to maintain. However, be sure to utilize plumbing services to move your drain so that you don't end up with the flooding.

Protect Against Damage With Foundation Waterproofing

No matter what type of foundation your home sits on, you need to utilize waterproofing to protect it for the long haul. If you leave your foundation open to the elements, you risk water seeping in and causing damage including mold, cracks, etc. If you ever decide to sell your house and it has any foundation damage due to a lack of waterproofing, you can be sure that your home's value will be lower than it would be otherwise.

Protect Against Spills With A Waterproof Barrier

If you have any type of flooring with a seam, such as hardwood or vinyl, then spills can be your home's worst enemy. If you experience frequent spills or leaks from a nearby plumbing fixture, this liquid can seep down beneath your floors and cause your subfloor to warp. If you install a waterproof barrier underneath your flooring material, though, this won't be an issue, meaning that you'll be able to enjoy your floor for longer.

Don't wait! The key to gaining value from waterproofing is to complete a project before there's damage. Although you can waterproof a home that's already experienced water damage, the aesthetics will be much better if you act preemptively, thereby preventing any damage from occurring and causing potential permanent damage to the surfaces in your home.









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